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450HB Wear Resistant Steel Plate Availability Typical plate widths are 2 m and 3 m but we also have a number of narrower plates and also at the 2.5 m level. Plate lengths are typically at 12 m for the thinner plates and this shortens as plate thickness increases. Abrasion Resistant 400 Plates Jaguar Steel IndiaAR (ABRASION RESISTANT) 400 Steel Plates. They are designed to weld quickly, looking good in appearance. Our ABREX 400 wear plates have a uniform thickness that guarantees an excellent surface finish. We offer the technologically advanced and consistent ABREX 400 Steel Plate. AR 400, also called SUMIHARD 400, is a union of toughness and hardness, giving it the exclusivity to be used in moderate wear areas. Features of our ABRASION RESISTANT 400 Wear Plates

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Raex 500 Plate, Abrex Industrial 500 Plates, Low Temperature Rockstar 500 Steel Plates, Abrex Hot Rolled 500 Plates, Abrex Cold Rolled 500 Plates, Dillidur 500 Plates Stockholder, QUARD 500 Wear Resistant Plates, Sailhard 500 Plates, CNC plazma Cut Abrex 500 Plates, Tiscral 500 Plates, Hiten 500 Plates Suppliers In Saudi Arabia. China Nm400 Hot Rolled Wear Resistant Steel Plate - China Jul 30, 2021 · Bozhong Group is a professional Hot Rolled wear resistant steel plate supplier, mainly supply Steel plate in grade NM400/450/500/550, JFE-EH360/400/500, DILLIDUR 500V/450V/500V, THYSSENKKRUPP XAR400/450/500 Hot rolled wear resistant steel plate is high-strength and wear-resistant steel with favourable hardness and impact toughness. China Steel Plate Alloy Steel Tool Steel Die Steel Mould Jun 20, 2021 · Germany:XAR 400 wear resistant steel plate,XAR 300 wear resistant steel plate,XAR 500 wear resistant steel plate. Dillidur400 wear resistant steel plate,Dillidur 500 wear resistant steel plate, Frace:Creusabro4800 wear resistant steel plate,Creusabro 8000 wear resistant steel plate. 4.high strength steel plate.

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DILLIDUR has been a fixed part of the global battle against cost-intensive wear for more than 50 years. Initial equippers and producers of wear-parts use these hardened proprietary steels with great success in many sectors, including earthmoving machinery and mining. Thanks to its decades of further development, DILLIDUR provides a unique combination of high resistance to wear and easy working Page Ltd "Çözüm Ortanz"DILLIDUR steels are wear resistant steels of DILLINGER. They are used for example in slide conveyors, steel plating, screen plates, cutting edges, dump trucks, loading shovels etc As a structural steel, DILLIDUR combines maximum resistance to wear with low THE CONCEPT TO COMBAT WEAR AND TEAR DILLIDURhas in the production of wear-resistant steels. The DILLIDUR concept was designed for a variety of areas of application. Therefore, DILLIDUR steels are available in a wide range of hardness levels to cover each set of re-quirements:DILLIDUR 275 C, 325 L, 400 V, 450 V and 500 V. Information about the special quality for pavement moulds

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Approx. Rs 80 / Kilogram(s) Get Latest Price We bring froth an impregnable range of Wear Resistant Steel-Xar 500.. Scope. This material specification applies to 3mm to 100mm thick plates of the wear resistant special structural steel XAR®500. Wear Resistant Steel Plate - Dillidur 400HB & 500HBOakley Steel is a specialist supplier of thick 400 HB and 500 HB wear resistant steel plate. We keep Dillidur 400 and Dillidur 500 abrasion resistant plates in stock with a focus on heavier plates between 50mm to 150mm. Our focus is on customers whose requirement for wear resistant steel plate is extreme and who cannot use thinner abrasion resistant plates. Wear-Resistant Special Structural Steels ::Total Materia Wear resisting steels can also be supplied as plates cut from strip with close thickness tolerances of less than ±0.20 mm and the resultant processing advantages. Wear resistant special structural steels To complement established wear-resistant steels 400 and 500 HB, the following grades are added which offer notable benefits:

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Types Of 500HB Wear Resistant Steel Plates. Dillidur 500 abrasion resistant plates. AR500 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates. 500 hb steel plates. Hardox 500 Abrasion Resistant 500HB Steel Plate. Abrex 500 Wear Resistance Steel Plate. FORA 500 - Hard Wearing Steel Plate. Wear Resistant Steel Plates-