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Welding High Strength Boltsalloy steel which undergoes a heat-treating process to develop the strength properties necessary to meet the requirements of a given specification. A look at recent additions and updates to industry A307 had three grades:A, B, and C. Grade A covers bolts for general applications, grade B covers heavy hex bolts and studs for cast iron flanges, and grade C covered unheaded threaded rods, either bent or straight, intended for structural anchorage purposes. Last years elimination of A307 grade C is the result of a virtually identical

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The ASTM A325 specification covers high strength heavy hex structural bolts from ½ diameter through 1-1/2 diameter. These bolts are intended for use in structural connections and therefore have shorter thread lengths than standard hex bolts. Refer to the Structural Bolts page of our site for thread lengths and other related dimensions. Design of Bolts in Shear-Bearing Connections per AISC from shear planes, i.e. A325-X or A490-X In addition, when a bolt carrying load passes through fillers or shims in a shear plane, the provisions of LRFD section J3.6 apply. Values of design shear strength for A325, A490, and A307 are listed in LRFD Table 7-10 7. Geometric Layout of Structural Bolts a) Size and Use of Hole (LRFD section J3.2) Fastener & Bolt Specifications ASTM A193, ASTM A320, ASTM A307 Carbon steel externally threaded standard fasteners ASTM A320 Alloy steel and stainless steel fasteners for low-temperature service ASTM A325 High strength structural steel bolts for connecting structural steel joints ASTM A354 Quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners

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May 09, 2005 · We are provider of packaged modular energy solutions and we use A325 bolts for skid steel framing (One skid package has about 15% A325 Bolts and 85% Grade 8 use Grade 8 vs. A325 - Structural engineering general discussion - Eng-Tips Grades All Thread RodASTM A307 Grade B. This low-carbon, mild steel bolt specification covers heavy hex bolts and fully threaded studs that are intended for cast iron flanged joints in piping systems with cast iron flanges. A307 Grade B differs from A307 Grade A in that it has a maximum tensile strength requirement. Hex Cap Screws & Hex Bolts A307 Grade A & B Hex Bolts A307 Grade A & B Hex Bolts and Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws. A307 Grade A Hex Bolts are very common fasteners found in manufacturing, repair and construction industries worldwide. They are used to fasten 2 or more parts together in an assembly that may require future repair or maintenance disassembly. Their six-sided hex head allows for a more substantial bearing and wrenching surface than what socket

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ASTM A449 Quenched and tempered steel bolts and studs for general use. ASTM F593 Stainless steel bolts, hex cap screws, and studs. ASTM F1554 Anchor bolts designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations. ASTM F3125 New, unified structural bolt specification replacing A325, A325M, A490, A490M, F1852, and F2280. ASTM A194 Carbon Investigation of Bolted Connections in Cold-Formed The ASTM bolts included in this study are the A307, A325, and A490. The research first reviews the relevant standards, and then compares the materials and properties, dimensions and tolerances of bolts in the relevant standards. Finally, it shows that some grades of bolts in SAE J429, ASTM A307 and ASTM F3125 can be replaced with each other. Report covers ProgressThe material herein is for general information only. The information in it should not be 9.4 A307 VS A325 BOLTS FIG 7-1 - RECOMMENDED TEST DIMENSIONS FOR STRUCTURAL BOLTS (ZADANFARROKH AND BRYAN, 1992) 12 FIG 7-2 DIMENSIONS OF SPECIMENS WITH ONE BOLT FOR PHASE 1 13

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A490. F3125. Heavy hex structural bolts are designed for steel-to-steel structural connections. Consequently, they are typically very short. The A325 and A490 specifications are not intended for general applications, including anchor bolts. In these applications, substitutions of A449 for A325 and A354 grade BD for A490 should be considered.Bolts and Bolted Connections - avant-garde.engineeringTYPES OF STRUCTURAL BOLTS Bolts are identified by ASTM designation Low Strength Bolts A307 Fu = 60 ksi High Strength Bolts A325 Fu = 120 ksi for d 1-inch Fu = 105 ksi for d > 1-inch F1852 Twist-off A325 bolt A490 Fu = 150 ksi F2280 Twist-off A490 bolt Other Bolts and Threaded Fasteners